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                                      HY-TEK's Meet Manager 30/11/2017 03:31 PM
         Kennedy Park Resort NZSS Track and Field & Road Championships         
           Hawkes Bay Regional Sports Park  - 1/12/2017 to 3/12/2017           
                               Performance List                                
Event 13  Girls 3k RR Year 9 (50)
     Name                        Year Team                                  
  1  Leila Dunlop                     Cashmere High Sc            
  2  Rosie Trotter                    Christchurch Gir            
  3  Trista Comer                     Otamatea High Sc            
  4  Lucy Brown                       Wanganui Collegi            
  5  Maddison Gray                    Wanganui Collegi            
  6  Ana Brabyn                       Wanganui Collegi            
  7  Marguerite Hazelhurst            Wanganui Collegi            
  8  Perkins Mia                      Wanganui Collegi            
  9  Rosemary Yorke                   Havelock North H            
 10  Jemima Antoniazzi                St Peter's Schoo            
 11  Amelia Winstone                  Macleans College            
 12  Scarlett Blackburn               Wanganui Collegi            
 13  Ashleigh Alabaster               Wanganui Collegi            
 14  Hannah Molloy                    Heretaunga Colle            
 15  Bella Browne                     St Cuthbert's Co            
 16  Charlotte Hulme                  Diocesan School             
 17  Chloe Browne                     St Cuthbert's Co            
 18  Rachael Turner                   Columba College             
 19  Holly Hunn                       Diocesan School             
 20  Georgia Hair                     Diocesan School             
 21  Isabel Allen                     St Cuthbert's Co            
 22  Sophie Hammonds                  St Cuthbert's Co            
 23  Siobhan Balle                    Strathallan Coll            
 24  Peyton Leigh                     St Cuthbert's Co            
 25  Alex Smith                       St Cuthbert's Co            
 26  Isabella Richardson              St Cuthbert's Co            
 27  Jessica Hughes                   Wellington Girls            
 28  Carly Smith                      Wellington Girls            
 29  Maia Holbert                     Wellington Girls            
 30  Britney Murphy                   Napier Girls Hig            
 31  Jasmine Angland                  Napier Girls Hig            
 32  Zoe Smith                        Mt Aspiring Coll            
 33  Arabella White                   Diocesan School             
 34  Imogen Foley                     Diocesan School             
 35  Hannah Gapes                     John Paul Colleg            
 36  Kate Shanley                     Diocesan School             
 37  Lucy McKinnon                    Diocesan School             
 38  Jasmine Ha                       Diocesan School             
 39  India Stewart-Withers            Palmerston North            
 40  Seree Coombe                     Hawera High Scho            
 41  Le'Sharn Anderson                Gisborne Girls H            
 42  Penelope Salmon                  Baradene College            
 43  Neve Moulai                      St Andrews Colle            
 44  Madeline Pick                    Hawera High Scho            
 45  Charlotte MacDonald              Napier Girls Hig            
 46  Olivia Johnson                   Central Hawkes B            
 47  Fleur Trent                      Napier Girls Hig            
 48  Paige Archer                     Napier Girls Hig            
 49  Plum King                        Napier Girls Hig            
 50  Chloe Hughes                     Rangi Ruru Girls